What to expect from your plumber’s visit

So, you have had to call a plumber in for your boiler, if things are not working properly, it can be a stressful time. We are going to explain what you should expect from your plumber’s visit.


Firstly, if it is not an emergency, you should expect to be able to make an appointment with reasonable hours. When requesting your appointment, do accept that others may need the plumber in an emergency and they need priority. Wintertime is a very busy time for plumbers and so you may find booking your new boiler installation, boiler servicing or routine maintenance over summer a better option.


Your plumber should arrive close to the appointment time, if not, then you would expect a call, or text to let you know. Sometimes, a previous job may take longer than expected, or an emergency callout may have come through. Please be understanding, as next time it maybe you. Once your plumber has arrived, He or she may offer to take off their shoes or wear coverslips to protect your carpets. They will ask what the problem is, and ask to be shown the boiler, and heating system.


It is at this point that your plumber now needs to familiarise themselves with your system and ascertain where the fault may lie. So, please leave them to it. If you give them a little time, they will be able to work faster. This is the time to offer a drink and to walk away.

Problem established

Once your plumber has located the issue, they will normally have a chat with you to decide on the best plan of action. You should discuss the approximate costs and timescales before they undertake any boiler repairs. Do remember this is a quote and there is no real way for a plumber to know exactly how long anyone job will take.


Once you have agreed on the actions required, repairs can take place. If you need replacement parts, then you may need to wait until delivery. Sometimes, a plumber will pop out and purchase the parts from their local supplier if they are nearby. 92 % of the jobs we carry out are completed on the first plumber’s visit.


Most plumbers will take precautions to protect your property while they work, usually utilising dust sheets or paper towels. Plumbing can be a bit of a messy job and don’t worry, we have seen all the spiders, cobwebs, and dust-balls before. We don’t judge you.

On completion of your plumber’s visit

On finishing the repair, your plumber should perform some checks to make sure that the system is firing up and heating is coming through. They will also check the hot water is coming up to temperature. They will show you how things are working and if the thermostat has altered will often reset it for you. If you are both satisfied with the job, then your plumber will give you an invoice.


Most plumbers are happy to accept cash payments, though some will also take BACS, bank transfer, or even card. At Home Glow gas services, we accept all of these forms of payment. Paying promptly is always preferred, especially as your plumber will have already paid out for the parts before doing the work.

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