Saving Gas and therefore money!

This time of year, we hover over the thermostat and worry about the bill to come in the New year. Saving gas will inevitably mean lower energy bills, that might not make such a dint in your doormat when it lands.

Turning the heat down

Making sure you are not heating your house too much is a delicate balance; many a couple have argued over the correct temperature. Women do feel the cold more, this is a scientific fact. No, extra jumpers do not cut it! Check out our blog on ideal temperatures for your home. Every degree you can turn the dial down means saving gas and so more money in your pocket.


Having room thermostats fitted means you have more control ability. You can keep some rooms a little cooler when not in use, whilst keeping your main rooms heated nicely. Wireless thermostats mean you can control the temperature whilst away from home too. You can then just heat the house before you return home, by dialling the heat up on your mobile phone. We can fit Nest thermostats for you, read more about them here

Keeping your boiler efficient

Your boiler will require regular servicing and maintenance to keep it working at full capacity. When your boiler burns gas efficiently you save fuel and therefore money. You will also save on repair bills if we spot a fault before it causes too much trouble. We can perform servicing, maintenance, and repairs

Upgrading an old boiler

If you are still running a boiler older than 10 years old, then you could save a lot of money upgrading to a more efficient A++ rated boiler. This will mean saving gas and yet still heating your home and hot water. Check here for new boilers

Check your meter

Take regular meter readings to understand your fuel usage. Most homes have smart meters fitted and you can see instantly the gas used on the screen. If you spot unusual blips, and these cannot be explained by the household use, then contact your plumber to check the boiler. It could be an early warning sign.

Saving gas by other methods

You could use other ways to heat your home. Hot water bottles have faded from use; however, an electric blanket will still be a cheaper way of heating your bed than heating the bedroom.

Drawing your curtains at dusk and opening them at sunrise, will mean keeping heat in and letting the sun do the work.

Keep furniture away from your radiators, as they will be absorbing the heat. Likewise, do not dry clothes on the radiators either.

Stop draughts, go around your home, and insulate around windows, letterboxes, doors, loft hatch, and any other draughty gaps. You’ll be surprised how much warmer a place feels with no draughts.

Add a shower timer. We think that having showers would save money, however, we are just taking longer showers now! Adding a shower timer will reduce the amount of hot water used thereby saving gas on heating it.

Set your hot water to only heat to 60° C, it’s more than hot enough for most needs.

Do you know of any more ways of saving gas? Let us know and we will add them to our blog!

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