Servicing your boiler-why bother?

Is your plumber servicing your boiler regularly? If not, is it because you thought it was a waste of money? We are going to discuss why you should book your boiler in for an annual service.

It makes sense

You are more likely to have a service on your car than your boiler, however, the same reasoning applies in both cases!

It saves you money

Firstly, servicing your boiler means your plumber can spot problems even before they start to display symptoms. By getting parts replaced before they do damage to your system ultimately saves you money. If a boiler is running inefficiently then it burns through more gas, costing you money. Keeping your boiler in tip-top form reduces excess gas usage.

It saves you shock bills

As we said previously, by spotting problems early it can save damage occurring. It also means you can plan better for repairs as we can work out what parts can wait until you have funds. Though getting our Boiler cover can help spread those payments over the year. You will also not get shocking gas bills as your boiler will be burning efficiently.

It saves lives

Having a regular inspection of your boiler means a gas leak check. By no means should you rely solely on this check, you really should have a CO2 monitor/alarm in your hallway near your boiler and other gas appliances. However, a small leak may not show up until your plumber checks the boiler closely. You will understand the dangers of gas leaks and would never underestimate them.

Servicing your boiler-who, what, when?

Your registered Gas safe plumber can perform them, and they should give you a certificate of inspection. A service will take around an hour to complete and may include other jobs at the same time to save more money on call outs. You should have an annual service and check.

Book your service today and consider purchasing our Boiler cover to help you spread the cost.

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