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10 Benefits of Combination Boilers

10 Benefits of Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are an effective way to reduce costs without having to invest in completely new heating systems. In addition, it can provide you with comfort, and it is environmentally friendly. This article will discuss how installing a combi boiler can save you money, what components a combi needs to be most effective, and the benefits of combis in general.

Why Combi Boiler Is Your Best Bet To Save Costs On Your Energy Usage

Ideal high efficiency boiler
Energy efficient

Combination gas boilers are your best bet to save costs on expensive fuel bills. The first thing you need to know about combi boilers is that they are an immense cost-saving tool. Combination boilers have become more popular in the wake of rising fuel prices.

A tankless water heater (Combination boiler) is more economical than a regular one. This is because it only heats the water you need, not a whole tank of hot water it isn’t using.

Combination boilers can also be fitted with up-to-date smart thermostats, weather compensators, and other energy-saving components for even greater savings.

A Combi boiler is your best bet to save your carbon footprint. The combi boiler manufacturers are committed to creating a greener future by ensuring that the products they produce are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

According to The Energy Saving Trust, your gas consumption is likely to consume 55% of your annual energy bills. Upgrading your boiler to a new modern combi boiler can save you between 20-35% on your gas bills.

If your boiler is over 10 plus years old, your older boiler isn’t as efficient as it could be, and you’ll be spending more money than you need to on your annual energy bills. Upgrading your boiler will save you on your monthly utility costs with an upgrade.

Also, combination boilers are designed to run at least 92% efficiency. They were designed to be more efficient and have a better recovery rate, which means your heating costs will decrease.

The Best Thing You Never Knew You Needed: Combi Boiler Installation 

Combination boilers are a convenient central heating system that provides both heating and hot water to your home. They are compact in design, space-saving due to the components being located within one unit, and they heat your home quickly and efficiently.

They have the flexibility of home heating. You can place your boiler anywhere in your house, which means that you can put it at a higher or lower level to accommodate any previous boiler installation height requirements.

Additionally, while there are different models with varying levels of heating output and fuel usage costs, they typically cost less on average than traditional home heating (stored hot water system).

A combi boiler can offer your home many benefits, but your carbon footprint may be your most important one

A combi can offer other benefits, too, such as being environmentally friendly, which is important for some homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. One of your most important decisions in choosing your combi boiler is your choice of output required, the more economical your fuel use.

Combi boilers are created to be energy efficient, and they can typically deliver a great deal of hot water through your home. When getting a spec for your home, don’t go overboard on output; this is usually calculated in KW.

Knowing your needs is the key to your carbon footprint. Bigger isn’t always better, and getting the right sized boiler will always be your best bet when it comes to your carbon footprint.

The output of your Combi boiler, such as your kilowatt output, has to do with your needs. For example, if you have a large family and your water usage is fairly high, your Combi boiler would be better to have a higher kilowatt output. However, if your family is on the small side and your water usage is low, your combi boiler could be smaller in size.

For example, if you don’t have a bath or shower and only use your sink for cleaning purposes, it will be alright to have a lower kilowatt output. However, incorrect boiler size can have a considerable impact on fuel usage, so do not buy something too big for your needs.

Not just about the boiler: Snazzy components can also help your family save money

A gas combi boiler with the right components will help you save on your bills while providing a comfortable home for your family.

Snazzy Components can also help your family save money!

It’s not just all about getting a nice new boiler fitted in your home to make your home more economical. It’s also important that your new combi boiler is fitted correctly to the building regs.

There are innovations on the market that can make your combi boiler even more economical with smart thermostat technology. For example, thermostatic radiator valves make your home more eco-friendly, and we can fit things like weather compensators to your new combi boiler.

The article says that the Tado system can save your family up to 31% of your heating bill. Geolocation technology and your smartphone will give you control of your central heating from anywhere in the world. You can schedule your heating system to come on when you are away from home or turn it off when you are not there, so your boiler doesn’t have to keep your home warm when you are not there.

Combi boilers are a good investment for your home

A combi boiler is a good investment if you want to save money on your energy bills and heating costs without having to invest in a completely new system. Combi boiler prices do vary on size and boiler manufacturer.

Combi boilers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they offer significant heating and energy savings with significantly lower upfront costs. In addition, you don’t have to invest your entire energy system in moving to a combi boiler – your existing system is often enough and will need some adjustment. The cost of your installation will depend on your home’s size, configuration, your boiler’s manufacturer and your installer’s experience.

You can fit your Combi boiler to your existing pipework and your existing radiators. You only need your heating engineer to come and assess your property before installation so that they are fully aware of your property’s layout.

Combi boilers are also designed to fit your existing central heating, so your old heating system is not obsolete. They are also energy efficient, making your bills lower. These are the reasons why your existing 30+ year-old heating system may become more economical with a new Combi boiler installed.

Combi boilers – for your new heating system

While you are replacing your old central heating with new combi boilers, it’s usually an excellent time to replace other components as well – such as radiators.

I know that we said during the previous paragraph that your combi boiler could be fitted to your old heating system, but now may also be a good time to replace your rusty old radiators.

The radiator has been there for over 30 years, and whilst your boiler will take your new one, your heating could still struggle if you aren’t replacing some radiators as well.

Sludge is a term used to describe deposits that form in your heating system. One of the most important parts of your home’s heating system are your radiators. When your radiators get clogged with sludge, they can stop your heating system from working properly. A good way to clear up this problem is to ask your plumber to flush out your existing heating system according to the manufacturer’s instructions or, even better, replace it with a new one.

Sludge accumulation can lead your boiler into early failure. It can also cause your boiler’s warranty, which your gas safe installer will have given you when your system was installed, to be invalidated.

What your Combination Boiler Uses for Energy

Gas combi boilers are often fitted with natural gas fuel as the preferred fuel type, but they can also be used with your LPG and oil. The key to your Combi boiler’s efficiency will depend on your energy source.

Combi boilers can be used for your home and your business needs 

Combi boilers can be used for home and business needs, so replacing an existing system with one of these can help reduce costs wherever it is installed.

You can use a Combi boiler for your home and your business needs. So replacing your existing system with one of these can help save your money whichever situation it’s installed in. Fuel costs are also reduced, meaning there is more money to be saved overall, even on those expensive overheads, every little helps!

Shorter wait times for your hot water with a new combination boiler? 

Gas combi boiler

These systems are very efficient in providing hot water, so you don’t have to wait for your hot water to heat up as it does not incorporate a hot water cylinder.

The term “instant hot water” might be confusing. This means that the water will not come out of your tap until it is heated up in the boiler, but it does get heated quickly when it leaves the boiler.

When people talk about their combis, they might say that it isn’t good for hot water. This is because, with a combination boiler, you need to run off cold water before the hot water is delivered to your tap.

However, most combi boilers have a preheat function that stores and preheats the water. Therefore, keeping a small amount of hot water available can cut down on the time it takes for your tap to heat up.

This is still a far more economical way to heat your water than a stored hot water system.

The environment and your wallet will thank you! 

The last and final benefit of a combi boiler is that it’s environmentally friendly – it helps you reduce the amount of energy that you use and the volume of harmful pollutants released into the air around you.

Combi boilers are more efficient than your average boiler, which means your heating will be more effective, and your bills will naturally decrease.

As a result of this, your combi boiler is classed as eco-friendly. As a result, gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides released from your combi boiler are less than boilers fitted pre 2005.


Combi boilers are a good investment for you and your family. They will not only save you money, but you’ll be helping the environment too. There’s also a lot of lifestyle perks! Combis can offer you many benefits, but you may find that your carbon footprint is the most important one. If you’re looking for a new heating system in your home, you should consider combi boilers. Combi boilers can be used for your home and business needs. They have shorter wait times on hot water, and they help you save money and do your part to protect our planet!


Q: Is it hard to install a combi boiler?

A. When you’re replacing like for like, you can usually install your Combi boiler as you would any other heater. The difference you might find is that you’ll have to reroute a few pipework connections. However, if you want to change from a stored hot water system to a Combi boiler, you may find that this involves more work. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got enough space and work out the best way to get your pipe connections in place. But both types of installation are still relatively easy jobs even with more complicated requirements.

Q: What kind of fuel does not work with my Combi boiler?

A. You can get a Combi boiler to work with many types of fuel, you just need to make sure you get one that you can use. Most combi boilers are natural gas but you can find others that use other fuels such as LPG and oil.

Q: What are the benefits of a combi boiler?

A. The benefits of combination boilers are many. One of the main benefits is you will get hot water on demand.

A combi boiler is more energy-efficient than a stored hot water system. You will also have a great warranty with the most brands of boiler and you can save you money in the long run with a combi boiler. They are compact and designed to save you space so you don’t have to worry about them too much.

Q: How much hot water does my Combi boiler provide?

A. The answer to the question depends on various different factors. The size of your house and the capacity you require will affect how much you get out of it. Your incoming water supply will also have a big factor because you won’t be able to get out of it what you’re not putting in it.

Q: Price range of a combi boiler

A. The pricing you will find in the market is very diverse. This is because of the variety of models you can lay your hands on. For you to get an idea of the cost, you need to evaluate your needs as well as compare prices on various models. The type of model you choose will depend on the capacity you need and you can go for small or large ones depending on your requirement.

Q: Which is the best buy gas combi boiler for homeowners

A. I would say do your research and see which boiler you can get with the most benefits. You should go for a boiler you can get at a good cost and that you are comfortable working with. I would also say you should choose the one you are going to be able to enjoy using in your house, they’re not always easy to use!

Q: What is the best combi boiler brand

A. There are a lot of combi boiler brands on the market and you need to find the one you think you will get the best value for money from. Some brands offer you a great warranty deal and some models you may like from others; you should always compare your options as it is important to get what you want when you buy.

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