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The importance servicing of your boiler in new build homes

I hope your new home is everything you wanted and more. Everything will be lovely and fresh and new, your kitchen gleaming, and your bathroom a great place to relax. You will be benefitting from your new heating system, especially from how fast your house heats up and how efficient the heating is. The water is lovely and hot when you run your taps and your bath fills in no time. Let’s face it; everything is new and under guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Your boiler service

I know your heating will be working well and the benefits from a new heating installation are great for your pocket. The main component in all of this is your boiler, as it generates the heating and hot water. Your boiler will have come with a full parts and labour guarantee, which will only be valid if your boiler is serviced on an annual basis.

This is where Homeglow comes in with our three great service plans. They will take away the hassle of having to remember when your boiler service is due, and will keep your boiler safe, efficient, and in line with the boiler manufacturer’s guarantee *. The three plans all offer something different, so take a look, and see what you think.

The benefits for you:

The top benefit is making sure your boiler is safe to use for you and your family
Keeping on top of the manufacturer’s warranty
Making sure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible
Checking for signs of defects that may be under the manufacturer’s warranty
Advice on using your boiler
The creation of a service reminder

visit our service plans.

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