5 Resolutions for your Boiler and Heating system!

It’s that time of year and calls are coming in thick and fast for repairs and fixes for Boilers. Here are some resolutions to make this year and stick to, to make sure your boiler and heating stay working throughout.

1, Get Boiler Cover

If you haven’t already, then register now for boiler cover. we wrote a blog about this, why should I get boiler cover, last year, and it really is a no-brainer to save money and heartache.

2, Get a Gas Safety Check

Having a gas check is a legal requirement in places where you have paying guests. Examples are, B and B, student rooms, and Hotels. This is for very obvious safety reasons, however, doesn’t that also make sense that you should have one in your own home for your families safety?

3, Check Thermostats It is worth just checking your thermostats are working correctly.

Take a thermometer into the room where your thermostat is and compare measurements. If you have individual room thermostats, then you need to check each one. Whilst you are doing this, you can make adjustments as per our blog on Temperature, Getting it right when heating your home?

4, Get a boiler service

Having your boiler serviced regularly will definitely extend its lifetime. Our Blog Servicing your boiler-why bother? Will help you understand more about the reasons why.

5, Check, Switch and save with your Utility Company

A lot of people do not bother to check how much they are paying on fuel, then they just moan at the price. Do an annual check to see if you can save money by switching suppliers. It is pretty easy to do, check out Go Compare or Moneysaving Expert or similar. Our blog on Saving Gas and therefore money! Will also help you to save money.

Resolutions are often broken!

We know you often break your resolutions. So, why not take advantage of our services and let us book your servicing, gas check and heating health checks in for you?

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