How to decide the best boiler for your home

When you need to replace your boiler, there are several factors to take into consideration, we are going to look at some of them to help you decide how to pick the best boiler for your home.


The first consideration is what type of boiler to get, with the usual gas supply, you have three choices to get the best boiler for your home.


This modern boiler will supply your heating and hot water on-demand

Conventional Boiler

This is the usual setup with a boiler and hot water tank and often a cold-water tank in the loft. These are disappearing as more people look to have a combi boiler.

System Boiler

This is where you just have a conventional boiler with no cold water header water tank. It is a closed system much like the combi.

The combi-boiler is very popular as it only heats when you ask for water or heating, saving you money and space as no need for extra tanks.


Next, we need to understand the demands you would put on your boiler. Look at how often you put your heating on and is it controlled in each room? How often do you take baths or showers and how many people in the house?

We can help you work out the best size of boiler for your household. Some of the best combi boilers will deliver around 16 litres per minute but remember if you are running two showers at the same time, that will be 8 litres each, adding a third water demand will reduce this further.

Brands can mean reliability

Some of the best brands in boilers are there because of their reliability. A reliable boiler will give you 10 years’ service with care and regular maintenance. A less reliable one will have a large reduction in performance after 5 years. We supply top brands Glowworm, ATAG and Ideal, among others.

Water pressure

If your area has low water pressure, we will need to look at specific boilers for you. These will be able to cope with the reduced pressure and yet still deliver your hot water. They often include a pump so you can enjoy a power shower after all.

Cost of the Best boiler

The cost consideration is always a bit of an obstacle. However, we suggest looking at the life you expect, the fuel savings and the reliability for repairs. This sometimes means more upfront cost, but more savings over the lifetime of the boiler.

What types of boiler heating systems are available?

Homeglow Gas Services offers a range of boiler heating systems, including combi boilers, conventional boilers, and system boilers. Each type caters to different heating needs and home configurations.

If you need help with selecting the best boiler for your premises, do ask us for advice. We will be happy to help and have a great swift installation service too.

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