Nest- What is it and how will this smart system benefit you?

You may have heard of the nest system before, maybe you have considered using it in your home. If you would like to know more about how it could benefit you read on…

Being smart

Smart homes have been around for a while now, and new innovations launched almost every day. Having control over your home makes sense, to stay comfortable and to have things happen when you want them to. With a smart home, being able to time things to fit in with our timetable and lifestyle is easier.

The Nest system

The Nest system works with Google home, so you can control your home from your mobile phone or tablet. There are several products in the nest family. Thermostats to control the heating, cameras to watch your home. Smoke and Co2 detectors and alarms and doorbells with cameras, so you can see who is at the door. You can build up a family of products, adding each one as your requirements and pocket dictates. The nest system also works with other brands, such as Osram Lightify or Phillips Hue smart bulbs to control your lighting. Look for the ‘works with nest ‘ logo when searching for smart home products.

Smart learning thermostats

Here at Homeglow gas services, we like to recommend using a smart learning thermostat to control your heating. The big clue to one big benefit is in the name, it learns! This thermostat learns when you are home and when you are not and adjusts the heating accordingly. As you change the dial, nest builds up a picture of how you like your heating at each time of the day. Over time it builds up a picture of your timetable and matches it automatically. This will reduce your bills and mean you are coming home to a warm home, without heating an empty one. Our blog on what temperature to heat your home will be useful when first starting out.

The thermostat will also control your hot water too. Setting the water to be ready for that long lazy bath, or first thing in the morning for that quick shower. You can look back over your energy history to check that bill when it comes in. If you have individual room thermostats, you can encourage the kids to dial down their room temperature, as they leave, by allowing them to earn a ‘leaf’ each time. This reward helps nest learn and keeps those bills down.

Handy phone apps

The nest system also has a phone app, to allow you to control your home, whilst you are away. Did you just pick the kids up early from football? No worries dial the temperature up on your phone and your house will be warm when you get them in, you can even get the water heated for their showers. Away from home and there is a sudden cold snap? Again, you will get a warning from nest to alert you and you can take steps to avoid a burst pipe. If you have a Co2 detector from nest protect, alongside your thermostat, and it detects Co2, the thermostat will shut down your heating system and alert you.

Looking good

Nest thermostats now come with different coloured rings to suit your décor. Farsight is a new change, the display lights up as you enter the room and appears in bright bold figures to tell you the temperature, time, and weather. You can choose analogue or digital clock display. Great for those whose vision is impaired.

Get it installed today

The nest learning thermostat does require professional installation. Good news is that we are accredited nest pro installers and would be happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us today and let us make your home a smart home.

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