4 Ways a New Boiler Can Benefit You (And Your Wallet)

Replacing your old boiler can be very beneficial for your home and your wallet. The standard price of a stand-alone boiler is between £1,800 and  £2,300, which can turn into a good long-term investment for your home.

It takes up less space

Because newer boilers are smaller, they take up less space in your home. Moreover, due to their modern design, you can place them on walls or hide them behind cupboards. They are easier to control and save you precious space.

It produces less noise

It’s not a secret that old boilers can be noisy. On the other hand, their modern counterparts were built with better materials and were specially designed to operate quietly. This can make a great difference especially if your boiler is placed near or on a bedroom-shared wall.

It requires fewer energy resources

A boiler-powered heating system accounts for 60% of the total energy consumed in the household. This means that a modern boiler can help you decrease both the consumption and the cost of the bills and the A-rated models have an efficiency of 90% or higher. Depending on the model of your old boiler, the actual efficiency is between 55 and 70%. The difference translates to £200-300 per year in savings.

It gives you better control over the heating system

Most modern central heating systems are controlled with TRV’s for each radiator and room thermostats. A TRV is attached to one radiator, and its role is to shut it off when the air reaches the temperature that had previously been set. This function comes in handy if you want to control the temperature separately in every room. However, when fitting a boiler to the benchmark requirements, a room thermostat is fitted as standard and the TRV’S only need to be fitted to the bedroom radiators. For big houses, any other fittings required will be added as a bonus. This not only will it save you money, but it will also help you control the temperature in the entire house. Another benefit would be that if there are unused rooms in your home, such as guest rooms, this system allows you to set a low level, so the room is not heated unnecessarily.

Transitioning to a new boiler will eventually save you money on heating as well as making your home greener as it requires fewer energy sources, and it will give you better control over the heating system, making winters more comfortable.

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