Signs your boiler is not working efficiently

An inefficient boiler not only costs more to run but will eventually break down completely and cost more to repair than if you had just called a plumber and sorted it out. Here we are going to look at the signs that you really need to be getting your plumber in.

We recommend regular boiler services to spot issues early enough and get them repaired before costs rise.


These are danger signs, if you see or experience any of these signs, you need to shut down your boiler and call help urgently. This could potentially save your life.

  • Black soot or stains in or around the boiler
  • Pilot light (usually burning blue) turning yellow
  • Strange smell
  • Heavy condensation in the room where the boiler is

All these signs could point to there being a gas leak or build-up of deadly carbon monoxide, both of which could lead to coma and death. Please do not ignore them.


These signs are less urgent but still, need attention quickly to avert potential disaster.

  • Leaks
  • Repeated bouts of loss of pressure
  • Strange noises from the boiler, or a boiler getting noisier
  • Heating varies from room to room
  • Hot water becomes intermittent, or runs out, turning cold.

The heating and hot water may well still be working, and you may feel you can live with it for a while, but before long things will get worse, and will cost you more. Get a boiler repair now

Signs it is time to replace your boiler

These signs are indicators that it is time to stretch your wallet and replace your boiler entirely. Do not worry, there are many positives to replacing your boiler. We discussed these in our previous blog

  • Age, if your boiler is over 10 years old, and most certainly before 15 years.
  • If your bills have been increasing, despite not greater usage
  • Repairs are becoming a regular thing
  • Heating is not as warm, or the hot water is more luke-warm than hot
  • If you have added an extension to your home, or have more occupants, adding extra demands on your boiler

There are some schemes out that may help you with the purchase of a new boiler if you are eligible. It will make sense overall to face the situation and upgrade your boiler. It will save you money and keep your home warm and comfortable.

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