Boiler emergency? Here is how to deal with it!

If your boiler packs in, right as a cold snap starts, it can be frustrating and stressful. We are going to give you some tips on how to sort out this emergency and may even save you a call out.

Smell Gas-Its an emergency

Firstly, if you have a gas boiler and you can smell gas. Turn everything off, open windows and doors and call 0800 111 999, the national gas emergency number.

Scorching or brown marks on the boiler

This is a sign of poor combustion, and you should switch the boiler off and call for help.

Water coming from my boiler

This should not happen! So, turn off your boiler to save short-circuiting it. Call a plumber

Losing pressure

If your boiler has lost pressure, try refilling it at the filling loop. If you are unsure of how to do this, then ask your plumber to show you next time. This could potentially save you a call out. If the boiler keeps losing pressure, then I’m afraid you’ll need to call a plumber out.

Thermostats are not working

If your room seems cold, but the boiler is working, then check your thermostat. Turn it up and see if it fires the boiler into action. You can try resetting it, just in case someone played with the programming. A plumber can easily replace thermostats or consider upgrading to a wireless one. We looked at the Nest system in one of our blogs.

Boiler making a lot of noise

Although not an emergency, do call a plumber soon. As noise is a sign of boiler failure, check out our other blog on this

No heating or Hot water

Is the boiler turned off? Try turning it on. Is a fault showing on the screen? Make a note of it. Check your thermostats and control box are all switched on and working. If none of these actions gets the system working, then call a plumber and let them know of your findings.

When to call a plumber

Plumbers are busy during the winter season, so having an annual service in the summer will ward off some of the above scenarios. Homeglow gas services have boiler cover for this. Try to avoid evenings and weekends, as plumbers do have a life too, and it will obviously cost you more at these times. In a real emergency, do not hesitate, as it could cost you a whole lot more!

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